Become a Racehorse Owner

Own a Racehorse and receive a framed certificate proving your Ownership. Your certificate contains a complete description of your racing colours and the history of the horse. Own a Racehorse and show it!
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Become a Racehorse Owner - With a Certificate to Prove it Become an Owner of a Racehorse Racehorse Owner Present yourself as a Racehorse Owner!

The Experience

This unique experience makes a great 'novelty personalised' gift for the discerning high flyer amongst us. Your high quality wooden framed certificate confirms your personalised ‘Ownership’ of a racehorse, complete with a description of your Racing Colours and history of the horse.

What's included?

Also included is a complete ‘foolsguide to horse racing - so you can be fully prepared for the occasional test question!

Proof of your ownership

If you want to join the jet-set or are looking for that bit of clout to hang on the wall at home or in the office to impress your friends and visitors, then this certificate is proof of your Ownership.
You will own share in an ex-racehorse, which is of course stated on your certificate in at the bottom of your certificate.

Mail order

We will of course handle the postage and packing of this experience to the designated UK address.

Become an Owner of a Racehorse Become an Owner of a Racehorse Racehorse Owner Present yourself as a Racehorse Owner!

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This is a an instant redemption with delivery, available all year round.

Become a Racehorse Owner: Fascinating Facts

The sport of horse racing has never been as vibrant as it is at present, with the horse population and the number of race meetings expanding every year.
Racehorse ownership has for many decades been limited to those who could afford the large sums involved in buying, and then training a racehorse. However, in the last ten years there has been a shift in the numbers of people becoming involved in the sport - principally due to new ways of enjoying an interest in a racehorse.

Do you already know UK's Famous Racehorses?

Inform yourself about Eclipse, the stallion described as the greatest racehorse of all time!

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This experience is designed as a novelty gift to hang on the wall with the recipients name on it. The horse you are owning is in fact a part share of an ex-racehorse so you will not be able to see this horse race any longer.