Clay Shooting for Two in Bedfordshire

Enjoy your clay shooting lesson with one of your friends
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Clay Shooting for Two in Bedfordshire Riseley, Bedfordshire

The Experience

Do you and one of your friends want to have an amazing day in nature testing your dexterity with a shotgun!?!

During the lesson, you and your partner will learn how a shotgun works and how to shoot at flying targets called clay pigeons or clay targets.
Don’t worry if at first you miss a few, you will have half an hour to learn, 50 clays and cartridges to shoot and a qualified instructor to ensure you’ll blasting clays in no time.
This experience is set at our Bedfordshire sporting.

Vital Information

To take part in this experience, people need to be at least ten years of age.

The Weather

It does not play a role for this experience. Be ready to have an exciting experience whatever the weather.

Session Length

This experience will last 30 minutes.


This experience is for two people.


Spectators are welcome.

Dress Code

Wear comfortable and suitable outdoor clothing depending on the time of the year.


From Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-2pm

We advise that you book at least a week in advance. Please note that this is subject to availability.


Riseley, Bedfordshire.

Shooting Clays

Clay Shooting for Two in Bedfordshire:

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- 10 years old is the minimum age required
- Please inform us at least 72 hrs in advance if you need to cancel or change the date of the experience.