Employee of the Month - Platinum Annual package

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A complete 'bundle' package to make managing your Employee of the Month Reward easy and cost effective. And as you're buying in bulk the Employee of the Year reward is included free of charge!
Employee of the Month - Platinum package
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By ordering this 'bundle' year-long package you will receive in the post:

12 x Crystal Gift Vouchers

1 x Gold Gift Voucher

Each of the 13 vouchers will be sent to you in our USB Experience Hunter Gift Boxes. You will be able to tell us what special message you would like added to each voucher eg. Thank you for being our Employee of the Month, with best wishes John Doe and all the management team.

The vouchers will be shipped with a 20 month expiry date, so each recipient will have plenty of time to choose, plan and arrange their final chosen experience within the range of each voucher below.

In this example L'OREAL opted for our branded wrap add-on at £1 per box

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