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Flying a Glider

An amazing flying experience where you will be launched by a tow plane to a height of 2000ft. You are accompanied by a BGA qualified instructor whi will give you a chance to take the controls.
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Flying a Glider

Flying a Glider:  

The Experience

You will be flying a glider on this amazing experience. You will launch behind a tow plane in a 2-seater glider with a BGA qualified instructor to a height of 2000ft. Once released from the tow plane your instructor will demonstrate how the glider flies and then you will have the chance to have a go yourself.

Vital information

We are unable to offer this experience to people under the age of 13. The maximum weight limit is 16st 4lb and people in excess of 6 ft 2 ins (1.88m) may have difficulty in fitting into the aircraft. Other launch methods may be offered (3 winch launches or 15 minute motor gliding time)

The Weather

As with all flying experiences you will need to call a weather-check line on the day before, or on the morning of your flight. If the weather is unsuitable then you can reschedule your flight for another time.

Session Length

The length of time you are flying a glider depends entirely on the prevailing thermal currents. It will last between 10 - 30 minutes.


The briefing may be shared. The flight will be held on a one-to-one basis with the instructor.


Spectators are welcome. Please check with us at the point of booking as some centres operate a minimum age policy. Dogs are not allowed on the airfield.

What To Wear

Please wear flat-soled shoes and bring a jumper with you in case it gets cold at higher altitudes. Bring sun block and a hat in the summer. Sunglasses are recommended all the time.


Flights are available in the morning and the afternoon from Monday to Friday.


Shenington (Oxfordshire)

Code : P02689

Flying a Glider:

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Flying a Glider: Availability

Flying a Glider: Fascinating Facts

Types of Launch
there are two launching methods, winch and aero-tow. a winch launch reaches heights vary from between 1000ft and 1800ft, while aero-tows are towed aloft by a light aircraft to heights of 2000ft or above.
Winch Launches
When launching by winch, the Winch Truck lays cables from the launch point to the end of the active runway. The cable is then attached to the glider and the launch signals are given. The cable is pulled in by the winch and when a flying speed is achieved, the stick is pulled back towards the pilot's stomach and height is gained in much the same way as a kite is launched.
Aero-Tow Launches
When launching by aerotow, the glider is attached to the 'tug', a high powered aircraft which tows the glider into the air. Although this method of launching is much more sedate than a winch launch, it is possible to guarantee a launch height and be placed in an area where there is a good possibility of lift.
Gliding Background
On a summer's day huge warm buoyant bubbles of air are continually leaving the ground to form thermals, rising currents of air which a glider pilot can use to gain height. These currents of air can often rise hundreds of feet a minute, carrying the glider with them up to the white cumulus clouds that form often at 4,000 or 5,000 feet. By circling inside the thermal, adjusting the position of the glider until it is in the strongest part of the up current, the glider pilot can gain height before setting off in search of the next area of lift.
Thermals occur almost everywhere on a sunny day, but air flowing over hills and mountains also provide a source of lift.
In Oxfordshire, the majority of flights are made in thermals. During an introduction lesson, you will spend most of the time local soaring, trying to fly the glider yourself, if you would like to take control and if the instructor is confident in your ability.

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Flying a Glider: Restrictions

The minumum age for this experience is 16. Participants under 18 require parental consent. Wear sensible leisure clothes and flat shoes. You may be asked to fill in a medical declaration. As with all flying experiences the weather maybe unsuitable. Call the location on the morning of your flight to check if the weather is good enough. If the weather is not suitable, you can reschedule your flight for another time. The maximum weight should be under 17 stones.
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  • Our Price £75.00
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