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The Guardian Newspaper Book - Birthday Edition

It is a beautiful and thoughtful personalised gift that will be cherished for a lifetime!

The Guardian Newspaper Book is a great birthday gift that will make the one you love, feel very special. Why not rekindle those magic moments and feelings from when they were growing up as well as a look back at some of the major events that may have shaped the world during the best years of their lives in.
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The Guardian Newspaper Book - Birthday Edition

The Guardian Newspaper Book - Birthday Edition:  

The Gift

A complete edition of the newspaper from the day they were born and personalised with the recipient’s names embossed in gold on the cover. The Newspaper Book Birthday Edition is hand-bound in a beautifully presented leatherette cover, the book also includes major news events from the decade they were born. The Guardian, as Britain’s most popular and widely read newspaper, is the perfect choice for a gift with its thorough journalistic content and broad coverage across a wide range of topics including current affairs, politics, entertainment and sport.

The Guardian also provided an exceptional array of photos and advertisement that may not have been so widely available across many newspaper titles from 50 or 60 years ago. These pictures and advertisements offer unique insights in British society at the time and are sure to drum old memories of great past times and events. With all of this the Newspaper Book Birthday Edition is sure to be hit at any party and is especially perfect for those milestone birthdays.

The Gift Includes

A beautifully presented reproduced newspaper copy of your chosen date will be bound in a leatherette cover and personalised with:
-Free Personalised Embossing on Cover
-Include a Greeting on the Inside Cover Page
-Complete Edition of the Newspaper From the Day They Were Born
-Major News & Sport Events from That Decade
-Presented in a book measuring 16" x 12" (40.5cm x 30.5cm). You'll be able to select from a Burgundy or Royal Blue colour cover.


Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.

Other Information

Please note on some occasions such as bank holidays or festivals like Christmas Day there may have been no edition published on your specific date. In this case we will use the edition from the following date which will still cover the previous days news. Additionally we will still emboss the requested date on the cover of the Newspaper Book. Where the date falls on a Sunday we will reproduce the The Observer.


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The Guardian Newspaper Book - Birthday Edition:

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  • Our Price £90.00
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