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Fighter Jet Flights

Fighter Jet Flights

Range: £1326.86 - £2673.04  |  Experiences: 5
Ever wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of a fighter jet flight? Our experience hunters offer the unique opportunity to fly in world famous jet fighters. Feel the adrenaline rush as you become a co-pilot and experience breathtaking manoeuvres as you cut through the sky at high speeds.
Give one of these flying experiences to a real fighter jet fan or just enjoy it yourself!

Experiences across Europe and beyond....

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FERRARI 360 F1 DUBLIN - 45min I got this for Christmas and it was the most amazing gift I've ever gotten! Can I do it again??? Tom was a great instructor too, friendly, professional but could have the craic as well, made me feel very at ease in such a beast of a car! Experience of a life time! Tamara

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