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Flying Gift Ideas and Experiences for Birthdays

Flying Gift Ideas and Experiences for Birthdays

Flying Presents and Gifts for Everyone

Prepare to lift off with our Flying Gift ideas and experiences from Golden Moments and make their day extra special with our our miscellaneous range of presents for everyone to enjoy.

We are sure that you will be spoilt for choice with what we have to offer; from mind-blowing helicopter tours to Hot air Balloons Flights that offer some of the most beautiful panoramic views you will ever come across!

For a truly elevating hands-on experience, let them take control with our Flying Lessons across the UK, that will be perfect if they want to take control!

Choose from one of these great flying experiences below!

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Tall Ship Sailing What a truly amazing day, words can not even describe. As a boy the only thing i dreamed of was sailing the seas and i never thought it was possible untill this gift, Thankyou to everyone who made this day so amazing and making my child life dreams come true. Richard

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