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My ideas on what to buy Dads for Christmas

by Kerry Bralee (Experience Hunter)

Traditionally gifts for Dads always seem to relate to some kind of sport. As my Dad is not a fan of football, rugby, golf or in fact any sport really I always find it difficult to find him a gift. He's not a massive drinker, only of tea, so beer gifts and personaised whisky are all out of the question. I have thought about putting together a hamper for him and his wife but this is logistically tricky as he lives quite far away. As you can imagine looking for Christmas gifts is a bit of a challenge.

I'd imagine there are plenty of people in the same boat as me that struggle for ideas for Christmas so I wanted to offer some suggestions of what to buy Dads for Christmas that don't neccessarily involve sports or beer.

One hobby my Dad does have, that was always slightly embarassing when I was growing up, is trainspotting. We'd sometimes spend hours on the platform writing down train numbers. Going on this I found a Diesel Train Cab ride. I think this would be something my Dad would enjoy. Another idea is a behind the scenes railway day. 

You may have Dads that are proper petrol heads so a track day will always be a winner. You could maybe share the cost with siblings to get him one where he could drive three supercars. If he's a bit more adventurous we have a fantastic range of flying experiences. Send him up in the air in a helicopter or glider or an introductory plane flying lesson. For the beer lovers we have brewery tours and beer hamper. I don't want to forget the sports lovers so what about a great value stadium tour? Not just for football fans but for cricket fans too with a tour of Lord's.

Take a look through the suggestions below. I'm sure you'll find something great for your Dad this Christmas!


My gifts ideas for Dads this Christmas...

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