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Segwaying is, as the dictionary states, the act of riding a segway. A segway is a two wheeled, battery operated vehicle which operates by the use of the rider shifting their body weight.

Our Segwaying experiences operate across the UK and Europe on a range of off-road courses. Riding a segway is suitable for people of all ages and is a great activity for you to try!

If you are purchasing the segwaying experience as a gift don't forget to include a personal massage on the voucher.


Experiences across Europe and beyond....

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Max-Power Ferrari 360 F1 Motorway Experience - 45 minutes - BELFAST IT WAS EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE. Absolutely perfect gift from husband. Enjoyed every moment of this drive. It was amazing to feel the power of engine all over my body. Perfect Instructor made it even better. Thank you! Monika Mazur

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