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Three gift ideas for Father`s Day

Three gift ideas for Father`s Day


With Father’s Day approaching, many people will be thinking about organizing a gift and it’s a safe bet that
plenty of content creators both online and offline will be making suggestions as to how you can best spend your money.  In reality, however, there are three gift ideas, which are always appreciated and which can be adapted to suit any budget.



Shared parent and child memories are some of the most precious memories there are and gifts which act as reminders of them are always appreciated.  The invention of the digital camera has made it easier than ever to capture those precious moments and you can easily turn those images into all kinds of tangible gifts, from mouse mats to high-quality photo books.  Alternatively, you could write out your memories and use them to create a variety of gifts, with memory jars being continually popular.


The best memories are made up of the time we spend with people we love.  As we grow into adulthood and working life, it’s important to keep those social bonds going and growing.  The good news is that even though modern lifestyles can mean that we end up very far from the people we love in geographical terms, technology has made it easier than ever for us to bridge those (sometimes vast) distances and stay in close contact with the people we love.  Of course, while it’s great to be able to see someone face-to-face even when you’re apart, real meetings, in person, are always the best of all.  They become especially precious when people are forced to spend long periods apart, but even when people are able to see each other regularly, they still matter hugely.  For those who are really on a budget, just making the time to go and see your father can be enough and you can make it even more special by bringing along a gift which reminds them of their favorite memories (which may be yours too).  Even though professionally-made gifts can have more polish to them, a home-made one will be special because you took the time to make it.


The idea of making and capturing experiences has become increasingly popular over recent years as people have begun to rediscover the fact that “stuff” is less important than time and memories - fundamentally experiences are all about taking the time to make special memories.
Just as with memory-based gifts, you can create an experience yourself.  It could be as simple as a pub lunch or a picnic or a joint trip somewhere you both enjoy.  Alternatively, if you want to make the experience a bit more special, you may prefer to do something out of the ordinary, something which could be a bit of a challenge to organize yourself, in which case help is at hand in the form of experience-based gifts.  These are available to suit a wide range of budgets and all kinds of different tastes.
You could opt for a shared experience, doing something you both enjoy.  Whatever your interests are, you can almost guarantee to find an experience to cover them.  Experiences cover all bases, from sedate options such as beer, wine and whisky tasting to more active choices both indoors and out.  You could opt for something more traditional like indoor climbing or clay-pigeon shooting or try something totally new and a whole lot of fun, like a Segway ride.
Remember that health and wellness experiences are good for men too and could help encourage your dad to take better care of himself.  You could take him to a gym and give him a chance to try out the sauna or the steam room.  It’s fun, sociable and great for his health (and yours).
Even if you’re unable to make it back for father’s day, shared experience gifts are still a viable option since many gifts offer a range of dates on which to enjoy them.  Alternatively, if you see something you know your dad would really enjoy, but it’s not your cup of tea then you can simply buy an experience for him to enjoy by himself and then meet up afterwards, even on a different day, if you’re really struggling with your busy schedules.  Then you can hear all about how much he enjoyed it and maybe plan a shared experience for another time.
John is a guest author from Steam Shower Store. He is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under his belt.


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