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Off Road Drive

Unlike other experiences, this 2 hour experience offers you the opportunity to drive three different 'off roaders' including a jacked-up KIA Jeep, a full caged and modified Land Rover 90 Defender and purpose built, roll caged, off road buggy! You will also have a safety briefing including detailed off road driving techniques by a seasoned veteran instructor!

This off road drive is available as an group session with two other participants on selected dates.
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Off Road Drive

Off Road Drive:  

The Experience

This Off Road Drive experience is an great experience for any driving fanatic. You'll get behind the wheel of three different off road vehicles; a jacked-up KIA Jeep, a fully caged and modified Land Rover 90 Defender and a purpose-built fully caged 4x4 trials buggy!

With this experience that lasts around two hours, you will be placed in a group with up to three other participants and will undertake a short informative briefing session. Once the briefing has been completed the first part of your 2 hour experience is to take to the Meadow meander in a jacked-up KIA Jeep purpose built for off roading with it raised suspension or a Land Rover 90. During this course you will experience man made slopes, short steep up and down hill sections and negotiate a wooded area. You will also be taught how to drive with and across ruts and how to get out of trouble with techniques such as failed hill assents. 

The second part is to attempt to drive in the Jungle Run with the Land Rover Defender 90 which is a superb off road vehicle. With a 75mm suspension lift, Rancho off road shocks, a full exoskeletal roll cage and powered by a 2.5l land rover diesel. This vehicle will roll with the punches as endless branches slap the roll cage in the intense Jungle Run, you will be driving in areas with only inches of space down either side of the vehicle and learn how to respond in situations where ruts can be severe! 

Lastly it will be time to take on a course that is too challenging for a standard-bodied 4x4 vehicle. Using the purpose-built class two modfified roll caged trials buggy you will attempt to conquer this challenging off road course. The course is marked out with canes and your challenge is to get the vehicle around with touching or obliterating the marker cane. During this session you will negotiate crossing ruts, 6ft near vertical drops, driving along a stream bed and crossing over a log bridge! 

This is a truly memorable off road drive experience.

Vital Information

You have to be 17 years or older to have this experience. No driving licence is required to participate in this experience, however, you must have experience of driving a manual vehicle.

The Weather

This experience is not affected by the weather conditions.

Session Length

This Off road drive experience lasts approximately 2 hours.


You will be in a group of up to 3 people.


Up to two spectators are welcome to attend and add to the enjoyment of the day.

What To Wear

Comfortable outdoor wear that may get muddy.


This experience is available throughout the year on selected weekend dates.


West Sussex

Code : GB10018481

Off Road Drive:

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Off Road Drive: Availability

This experience is available throughout the year on selected weekend dates.

Off Road Drive: Fascinating Facts

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Off Road Drive: Restrictions

You have to be 17 years or older to have this experience.
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  • Our Price £155.00
  • Quantity:
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Just to say it has been a wonderful day. Nothing to fault from the first contact with you right up to getting off tonight. All the staff were an absolute credit to the company. We will certainly be back in 2018.
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