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Off Road Driving Challenge

2 Course lunch included!

This is a full day of off road driving filled with fun! Test your off road driving ability with a variety of different vehicles. From the small nimble rally karts to the roll caged dumper truck tyred trials buggies!

You will participate along with four to six other participants and all of you will have a safety briefing prior to attempting three driving courses. A two course lunch will await you half way through the day. The day finishes with a debriefing followed up by a prize giving!
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Off Road Driving Challenge

Off Road Driving Challenge:  

The Experience

This off road driving challenge is a full day of off roading adventure and fun, where you will be placed in a group of four to six participants. You will all attempt six activities throughout the day, three prior to a delicious two course lunch which will be provided at the local pub and the last three after.

The first activity is tackling the quad obstacle course, whether it's your first time on a quad or your're an experienced rider, this course will hold your interest. Using a 125cc Yamaha Grizzly ATV, you will be negotiating obstacle such as raised side risers, the rolling road, a steep see-saw and even a limbo bar. But you will have to get round the course without any mistakes to stay in the lead!

This is followed by tackling an jungle run! You will be driving a Land Rover 90 or a Daihatsu Fourtrack. The vehicles used on this course have modified suspension, aggressive tyres and three protection cages. You will be driving in areas with only inches of space down either side of the vehicle and learn how to respond in situations where ruts can often be severe!

The final activity before a two course lunch at the local pub is power turns. This vehicle is like nothing you have ever driven before! It has two engines (one on each side). In order to master this crazy machine you will need to balance the throttles to get the vehicle round the coned course without knocking any of the cones down. Watch out though, too much power and you might pop a wheelie!

Once you've returned from the pub after indulging in a delicious two course meal you will move onto the quad dug outs section. With your quad skills now finely tuned from the obstacle course, practice time is well and truly over. You will now be riding a 450cc 4x4 Yamaha Kodiak ATV, around a course marked with canes and some extreme natural terrain including branches to duck under 5ft near vertical drops and steep assents. However, can you get round without touching or obliterating any of those canes?

Up next is to complete the challenging off-road trials course. This course will challenge your 4x4 skills in a capable, purpose built, roll caged, trials buggy. The course is marked out with canes and you need to complete the course without making any mistakes which will result in penalty points. The terrain is extreme, including a vertical drops of 6ft and driving along a stream bed!

And finally, last and by no means least, you will have the opportunity to try rallykart time trials! These karts are very different to the small indoor karts you may have driven in the past. Powered by a 400cc Honda engine with rear wheel drive and rear wheel brakes. You will need to get the kart round the course faster than anyone else but as you push harder you will move that bit closer to the 360 spin that will cost you vital seconds!

When all the off road driving activities have been completed, a trophy is presented to the driver with the best overall score!

This is a fun filled off road driving experience for any driving fanatic!

Vital Information

You have to be 17 years or older to have this experience. No driving licence is required to participate in this experience, however, you must have experience of driving a manual vehicle.

The Weather

This experience is not affected by the weather conditions.

Session Length

This off road driving experience lasts approximately 6 hours (9:30am - 3:30pm)


You will be in a group of up to 6 people.


Up to two spectators are welcome to attend and add to the enjoyment of the day.

What To Wear

Comfortable outdoor wear that may get muddy.


This experience is available throughout the year on selected weekend dates.


West Sussex

Code : GB10018487

Off Road Driving Challenge:

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Off Road Driving Challenge: Availability

This experience is available throughout the year on selected weekend dates.

Off Road Driving Challenge: Fascinating Facts

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Off Road Driving Challenge: Restrictions

You have to be 17 years or older to have this experience.
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  • Our Price £275.00
  • Quantity:
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Just to say it has been a wonderful day. Nothing to fault from the first contact with you right up to getting off tonight. All the staff were an absolute credit to the company. We will certainly be back in 2018.
Thank you :) Gillian

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