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Spa Resort Pamper Day

This Spa resort pamper day is a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate yourself! Relax and boost up your energy levels for the coming weeks with a delightful spa day filled with a combination of luxurious spa facilities from saunas to a gymnasium!

Forget all about the stress of reality and escape to a peaceful spa resort for a day and be pampered by professionals like you deserve to be! Come away from the day feeling relaxed and energised to tackle reality once again!
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Spa Resort Pamper Day

Spa Resort Pamper Day:  


The Experience

Spend a day in pure luxury with this fantastic Health Spa Day experience. You will go to a leading Health Farm and experience a full day of relaxation. Your package consists of full use of the incredible spa facilities, such as a sauna, steam room, whirlpool, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court & bicycles. A delicious buffet lunch is also included.

Vital Information

- Pack a bag for your arrival containing leisurewear, training shoes, swimwear and swimming towel to enable you to enjoy the facilities as you arrive.
- Exercise shoes (preferably two pairs - one for outside activities and another for inside)
- Towelling robes are available for hire.
- The use of mobile phones in public areas of all the health farms is prohibited as it disturbs other guests who are there to relax.
- Min age 16.

The Weather

This experience is not dependant on the weather.

Session Length

You can enjoy this experience for a full day.


Unfortunately spectators are not welcome, but you can always order a second voucher.

What To Wear

Dress is informal at all times.


Year round availability.


Bedfordshire, Hampshire, Leicestershire and Hertfordshire.


Code : P00543

Spa Resort Pamper Day:

Spa Resort Pamper Day: Availability

Spa Resort Pamper Day: Fascinating Facts

The Finns also used the sauna as a place to cleanse the mind, rejuvenate and refresh the spirit, and prepare the dead for burial. The sauna was an important part of daily life, and families bathed together in the home sauna. Those of differing sexes generally do not mix in public saunas in the modern era, though groups of friend sometimes do. Indeed Sauna was originally place of mystical nature where gender/sex differences did not exist. Because the sauna was often the cleanest structure and had water readily available, Finnish women also gave birth in the sauna.

When the Finns migrated to other areas of the globe, such as Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and Western Ontario, they brought their sauna designs and traditions with them, introducing other cultures the enjoyment and health benefits of sauna. This led to further evolution of the sauna, including the electric sauna stove, which was invented and implemented in the 1950s and far infrared saunas, which have become popular in the last several decades.

Check out the Health Benefits of sauna and how to use a sauna for your perfect stay!

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Spa Resort Pamper Day: Restrictions

This experience runs from 9am to 9pm and operates year round. Wear sensible leisure clothes.

  • Our Price £99.99
  • Quantity:
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