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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Range: £30.00 - £190.00  |  Experiences: 8
Wine tasting is a sensory evaluation of wine; tasting courses promote a friendly, enjoyable and relaxed environment in which to learn tasting wine. Wine tasting courses are becoming more and more popular each year in England as people are learning to enjoy, learn and discover new flavours and textures! A wine tasting course is a brilliant gift for anyone, bearing in mind they must be legally of the age! This Golden Moments wine tasting experience would make anybody’s special day even better! Go steady…

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Microlight Flight - Sussex It was a amazing experience to fly over Sussex. I loved it - the cockpit was quite cosy & the microlight was very reactive. We flew down to Eastbourne & back the pilot was relaxed but I felt he was totally in control.A fantastic present! Claire

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